Applied Products Group, L.L.C. (APG) is an environmentally sensitive company offering the most innovative technologies for the municipal, industrial, and commercial water and wastewater industries.

APG has been involved in wastewater treatment ranging from lagoon systems, extended aeration, full nutrient removal and membrane systems for municipal and industrial treatment systems.

APG provides water treatment solutions including surface & ground water filtration systems providing solutions for arsenic, nitrate, iron, manganese, color, radon removal & more.

APG supplies support equipment including instrumentation, chemical feed, controls systems, analyzers and pumping systems.

APG works with municipalities, engineers, developers and design build firms to deliver the most cost effective, environmentally friendly, water and wastewater solutions to protect our environment insuring a better tomorrow.

How can we serve you?

Products & services


Treatment for Metals, Nutrients, Surface & Ground Water, TDS, Radium, PFAS, Nickel and Carcinogens are just a few of the capabilities we specialize in. APG & the companies we represent have well over 100 years of combined water treatment experience.


Advanced wastewater treatment including, membrane systems, nutrient removal, metals removal, Aquifer Storage & Recover, Filtration, Solids Handling, Disinfection and Advanced Oxidation are a few of the processes APG can provide for your system.

Analyzers & Instrumentation

Online monitoring and controls are essential for operations and compliance. MLSS, Dissolved Oxygen, pH, CL2 & Turbidity analyzers as well as instrumentation for Flow, Level, Temperature & Density are required. APGwater represents industry leaders for online Instrumentation & Analyzers.

What Others Are Saying

V Smart Down Well Controls for aquifer storage & recovery

Suspended solids, dissolved oxygen & sludge blanket analyzers

Belt filter presses, sludge thickening, drying systems & polymer feed

On-site tablet chlorination systems for water & wastewater

Non-contact UV disinfection systems.

Aerobic & Anaerobic digestors, flocculation & grit removal.

Peristaltic pumps, chemical feed systems.

Submersible pumps, grinder pumps & package pump systems.

HST Oil Free, Magnetic Bearing Turbo Blowers

Built For Life | Custom Fiberglass Shelters

Gas chlorination, liquid feed systems, scales & leak detection.

Chemical feed pumps, chlorine generators & chemical skid systems.

Pressure transducers for pipelines, wet wells, tanks & wells.

Disc filtration, cooling tower filters & strainers.

Aerobic digesters, fine & coarse bubble diffusers

Cloth media filtration, MBBR, Nitrate & Phosphorus removal.

Turbidity, chlorine, pH & conductivity analyzers.

Flow, level, pressure & temperature instruments.

Twister mixing ozone aerator for H2S, F.O.G. & corrosion control – floating aerators & mixers.

Mechanical, hydraulic & plunger pumps – chemical feed systems.

Ground & surface water treatment systems for Arsenic, Nitrates, Radium, Iron & Manganese.

Engineering and manufacture of custom package or prefab pump stations, control systems and access doors.

Grinders, macerators, replacement grinders & rotary lobe pumps.

Well submersible pumps, horizontal & vertical booster pumps

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